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Gold Cast is a multiple-service jewellery company, specializing in custom design and manufacture for trade and public.

  • Mould Making and Wax Injecting

    We will make a mould of your original piece and either store it here or you can take it with you. When you wish to duplicate your piece, we can do the wax injection for you, using your mould.
  • Jewellery Casting and Finishing

    We will take your waxes and cast them in your choice of metal. We cast in bronze, silver and gold. We can supply the metals or we can recycle your old jewellery. You aren't limited to just yellow, white and red gold. We offer a full range of colours and purities.
  • Custom Jewellery Design and Repairs

    Bring us your ideas and we will turn them into reality. Bring us your vintage jewellery and we can either redesign it or return it to its original beauty. Bring us your broken jewellery and we will restore it.
  • Engraving

    Add that personal message to make your jewellery piece all the more special!

  • Bronze Sculpture Casting

    We can duplicate mid-sized items and cast them in your choice of coloured bronzes.
  • Knife and Sword Making

    For knives and swords lowers we can create unique designs based on your specifications, encrusted with silver or gold accents and gems.

Mould Making and Wax Injection ♦ Jewellery Casting ♦ Custom Jewellery Design ♦ Engraving ♦ Repairs
Knife and Sword Making ♦ Bronze Sculpture Casting